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ARTIST’S STATEMENTWhether it’s jewelry, bead painting, or mosaic work, the process has to flow in my mind, and it continues to flow into the finished piece. I want a person to feel good wearing jewelry, and when making it, I have a special feeling each time something is created. Miniature painting came to me by accident after many years of unsuccessfully attempting larger formats. I imagine these small but realistic images often on different stone slabs, shells or artifacts.  In the case of lighthouses and National parks, the images are mostly as one sees them or did at one time, and are often inspired by photographs from my travels. Once someone possesses one of my tiny creations, I feel that they then have a personal connection to that creation, which is very rewarding to me.

BIO:  Beads have been a part of Shannon’s life since before high school. Her fascination with beads has developed into designs that include natural stones, shells, glass, metal and beads of all kinds from all over the world.  Shannon’s photography covers a wide range, including her favorites subjects:   national parks, lighthouses and old buildings, but most anything can find its way into her lens, resulting in great variety in her work.  Her work is displayed in galleries around the continent including the Monterey Museum of Art, and the Grizzly Gallery, which she and her husband own in Penryn. She has received many awards in a number of art shows, and her work is part of several private collections.

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