Barbara J. Davies, Davies Fine Art




Phone: 925-683-0120

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I am drawn to the beauty of the natural world and to subjects that are filled with light and color. Once a subject catches my attention, I begin to sketch on location, taking several photographs with different lighting to refer to later. I start with loosely abstracted shapes. Beginning with the background, I map the composition and body colors with thin oil paint, working from the background, towards the middle, and finally to the foreground, checking and adjusting shapes, composition, and color as I work. I like using a limited palette to create harmony and balance. I am zealous about capturing my impressions of wild places, particularly the Sierra landscapes, hoping to encourage viewers to protect our environment.

BIO: Barbara knew early in life that she wanted to be an artist, drawing and painting in her free time, and winning an art contest at age nine which awarded her a summer scholarship to a Boston art college. She initially pursued a career in the tech industry, travelled frequently, and while on vacations passionately captured her impressions of European cities and landscapes where the old and new appeared to seamlessly blend. Her love for art eventually led her to pursue a BA in Illustration/Painting from the College of Art in Oakland, California. She went onto earn three teaching credentials, and taught art for eight years before opening a gallery and studio in Danville, California where she continued to teach children and adults for 15 years. Barbara has exhibited her art in several Nevada and California galleries, and her work hangs in many collections.

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