Initial Password

  •  After you have completed your Membership profile, you will be sent via email, a temporary password. Use this temporary password to login into the Membership Portal, then click on Change password in the top / right of the page. From here you can change your password.

Already Paid for My 2019

  • If you have already paid your 2019 dues prior to the rollout of the Membership Portal, follow the Forgot your password instructions below

Change Password

  • To change your password, click Change password at the top / right of the page. Enter your current password, your new password and confirm your new password.

Forgot your password
  • If you are trying to login and have forgotten your password -  Click Login on the top / right of the page. Then click Forgot password. You will see a new page where you will enter your email address and the 6 character security code, Click Submit.  A temporary password will be sent to you via email. Begin the process again using your email address and the temporary password. Once in the system, you can Click Change Password on the top / right of the page and change your temporary password.

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