Cindy Biergiel--Village Oaks Studio


Phone: 916-577-3038

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Imagine a clay made from tiny metal particles: a clay that when fired in a kiln becomes pure metal; a clay that can be sculpted, textured, carved, and molded; a clay that is made of copper or bronze, pure silver, or even pure gold. What could be made with such a clay?

My metal clay jewelry designs are inspired by natural elements such as leaves, branches, and sea shells. Recently I began a new series of goddess face pendants. I approach each project with excitement. What can I make? What will I learn? What problems will I solve or what discoveries will I make? The possibilities seem endless, and it is so much fun.

BIO: During Cindy’s 38-year career as an elementary school teacher, she pursued a number of artistic paths, including drawing, calligraphy, stained glass, and beaded jewelry. As a bead and wire jewelry maker, she recognized metal clay as a material that allows more freedom and opportunity to create her own metal jewelry components. Metal clay was introduced in the very early 2000s, and she has dabbled with it since 2011. Following retirement, she began her real journey with metal clay in 2015 when she took a four-day teacher certification course with a master metal clay instructor. Cindy continues to study and learn. She also finds that through teaching, she is able to share her joy in creating with others.

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