Gift Shop Coordinator (volunteer position)

This is an exciting and important role for our Gallery.   Our gift shop is very popular and brings customers into the Gallery.  This position works with local artists to show case original artworks in a gift shop setting.   Artwork in the gift shop can be either fine art or fine crafts, of high quality, and most importantly customer appealing.


    •  Evaluate artwork in the gift shop on a quarterly basis and refreshed quarterly.   The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring we have the right products and for rotating the artwork on a quarterly basis.
    • Visit other galleries and work with local artists to bring in original artworks (priced under $150).
    •  Work closely with the Bookkeeper when sales are made. Generates check requests based on monthly sales so artists are paid monthly.
    • Maintain items on the Online Store – upload photos and maintain inventory on the Online Store – when items sell connect with both the customer (to fill the order) and the artists (to replace items in the gift shop).
    • Ensure all artists in the gift shop have filled out the Artists contract.   All contracts remain on premise at the Art Center as the Bookkeeper needs info from them.
    • Maintains Artists inventory sheets.

      Volunteers Hours Required:   average of 5 to 10 hours per month but these can fluctuate

      Skills needed

      • Computer skills – either PC or MAC
      • People skills
      • Ability to work in a team environment (this position will work with the Art Center Executive Manager, the Bookkeeper, the Marketing Team and volunteers and attend planning sessions for the Gallery
      • Understanding of Square and point of sale transactions
      • Maintain the Online Store (training is available and it is easy to maintain the Online Store).   We use Wild Apricot.
      • Passion for the Arts – this is an important job for the Gallery and you get a real opportunity to support local artists and get their art in the hands of customers                            
      • Nice to have but not required – photography skills and taking pictures of artwork.

      To apply please send an email to: artleaguelincoln@gmail.com   put Gift Shop Coordinator in the title of your email.

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